Your organization Dancing Evenings in the Loire - 42

Your organization Dancing Evenings in Rhône-Alpes

Our promise

To offer you a pleasant dance space large enough to evolve exclusively in the company of amateur or advanced dancers using quality modern music.

This is a complementary approach to dance schools ; it not only allows you to apply what you learn but it will inspire you to improve yourself and learn new dances.

Our purpose

Like you, we are a group of amateur dancers who have taken courses in ballroom dancing, latin american dance and have frequented various dance halls in the region for sevral years.

It is clear that in the Loire there is no place for the true dancer in search of quality music for dancing and for a wide range of dance styles. The dance halls, night clubs etc. have more financial objectives aimed at customers or young single people who want to party or adults looking for a partner for one evening.

We wish you a pleasant visit on your dance club and we hope you find the information you were looking for on our dancing evenings.

Your dancing evenings, this is new, this is now !

Dancing evening

42 Loire Rhône-Alpes Madison Paso doble Salsa Lindy hop Kuduro Mambo Bachata Reggaeton Polka Twist Country Charleston Zouk Tango Boléro Valse Slow fox Boston Où sortir danser Quick step Merengue Kizomba Tous styles de danse Milonga Rock n'roll Disco Samba Slow Bossa nova West coast swing Foxtrot Tango argentin Java Loire Chachacha Rumba Soirée dansante Balboa Valse viennoise Valse musette Valse lente